XML-Pro is designed for Final Cut Pro workflows for large scale projects such as motion pictures. In such workflows, there is a strong requirement for turnover from picture to sound departments to utilise compositions which reference original source files. Final Cut's own OMF export functionality uses an embeded media technique which does not refer back to original sources, and as such is not suitable for use in these types of workflow. Additionally, there is a strong demand to preserve level automation defined by the picture editor across to audio post production, but this is also omitted from FCP's OMF export.

To address these requirements, XML-Pro leverages Final Cut's excellent XML export capability, and converts this rich export into Pro Tools sessions, or AES-31-3 ADL files. Both formats are compositions referencing the original sound media imported into Final Cut. Level information is also translated from the XML into both formats. The translation is very quick, efficient and reliable, and yields a composition file which can be emailed from picture to sound in order to turn over edits (sound department already has the same source media to hand). This contrasts with an OMF turnover which requires all the audio to be copied and embedded in the OMF, and delivered to post, where any changes cannot be referenced back to earlier copied media. Additionally, OMF files have an upper size limitation of 2GBytes which can easily be hit on a long form project. This 2GByte limit is an additional barrier which is bypassed when using XML-Pro.

iXML Sound Roll Import - XML-PRO also includes a powerful function to batch import iXML compliant BWF audio files. The iXML metadata (including timestamp, roll, scene, take and notes) is translated in to an XML file which imports an entire sound roll in to FCP, in one simple operation.

XM- PRO seamlessly translates FinalCut Pro XML into Pro Tools Sessions, and AES-31-3 ADLs, referencing source media, and including clip volume level automation.

XML-Pro converts Final Cut Pro timelines and volume keyframe data into Pro Tools sessions with volume automation. It makes references to original media, not copied audio, allowing modern audio workflows suitable for motion picture production.

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Left screenshot
<<< shows the
final cut Pro Timeline,
complete with edits.
Translation to ProTools preserves FCP Clip and keyframe based level information but not fades
(fades revert to splice edits). References original mono audio files.
Translation to Nuendo preserves FCP Clip based level information (but not keyframes) and preserves fades. References original mono audio files.