ADRStudio Troubleshooting

NOTE: All information in this document appies ADRStudio 2.0 in OS9.
Gallery are preparing an OSX version of ADRStudio for release late 2003.


Q. I cant see the HUI personality in the Peripherals dialog of PT.

A. Make sure that you have got the HUI personality controller file in the 'Controllers' folder in the 'DAE' folder inside your 'System Folder'. Also you need a specific HUI personality version for each Pro Tools version, so make sure you have the version which matches your Pro Tools revision. HUI is not supported by Pro Tools versions earlier than 4.1, and we recommend PT4.1.1 or 4.2 (as of 5/5/98)

Q. I only get 1 IAC bus entry in OMS Settings menus, but the manual says I need 2 different ones.

A.You need to create at least 2 IAC channels using the OMS Setup Application. See the OMS documentation for more details.

Q. ADRStudio says 'Cant Open Printing' when it is launched, or Printing doesnt work

A.You need to make sure that your mac is setup to print. This can include having a variety of extensions enabled in Extensions manager, then selecting a printer from the chooser. If you cant even get SimpleText to print, call your macintosh supplier or Apple to get that working before you call Gallery on printing issues. If ADRStudio keeps complaining, try allocating more RAM to ADRStudio.

Q. Problems controlling the 9-pin machine, or a crash when opening the 9-pin port selector

A. We have had reports of incompatibilities between 009™ and Port Juggler™. If you experience any problems, please disable the 'Port Juggler Extensions', or disable the 'Virtual Fax' port in Port Juggler™, which seems to be the root of the problem. Also, if you are using a Global Village modem, you MUST turn off the option 'Maximum Throughput' in the Teleport control panel. Otherwise, when 009 tries to open the serial port at 38400 baud (9-pin speed), the teleport control panel will override this and open it at 57600, which stops 009 working correctly.

Q. Pro Tools keeps complaining that it cant see the HUI

A You need to check the Peripherals->Midi Devices set up to ensure that the 'virtual HUI' which ADRStudio emulates is correctly assigned. The IAC channels must connect in and out correctly and correspond with the same channels in the ADRStudio OMS Settings dialog. Also check in OMS Midi Setup that 'Run Midi in Background' is turned ON. See the manual section 'Setting Up ADRStudio' for full details.

In ProTools 5, make sure that you have enabled the IAC inputs you are using using the 'Input Devices' Menu. This is a VERY common mistake made with Pro Tools 5.

Q. I cant seem to use the HUI personality and also my ProControl in the Peripherals dialog of PT.

A In ProTools versions earlier than PT 4.3.1, you cannot have both a HUI and a ProControl personality at the same time. Use Pro Tools 4.3.1 or later if you need both a ProControl AND ADRStudio.

Q. I have tried some of the suggestions above, but I still get crashing or ProTools complaining it cant see a HUI

A. Reinstall OMS. Remake your OMS Setup from scratch (dont just re-use the old one), delete the ADRStudio and the ProTools Preferences then start the setup proceedure again. If this fails, email Gallery ''

Q. I am experiencing problems on startup of my Mac. It seems like there may be a conflict between KeyQuencer and something else.

A. We have heard reports of an incompatibility between Invidia 2.1.1 card drivers and KeyQuencer. The Solution seems to be to upgrade the Invidia drivers to version 2.3 which come with Mac OS 9.2.1


Q. I press the Spot KeyShortcut and nothing happens ...

A.1. Check that KeyQuencer is installed and is not disabled. It can be disabled by the switch in the KeyQuencer Control Panel. Also check in KeyQuencer Editor that the Macros exist and that you are using the right keystroke:

This is a 'Full' Spot, with Start and End points, and the Spot Dialog. It does not rely on the HUI Personality, or MIDI , but like all the spotting methods, uses KeyQuencer and Apple Events, both of which must be available.

This is a 'quick' Spot, with Start and End points but no Dialog. it uses the parameters from the last full spot for everything but In and Out, Dialog and Notes.

This is an 'ultraquick' Spot for Foley, with Start and End points set to the start of the selection but no Dialog. it uses the parameters from the last full spot for everything but In and Out, Dialog and Notes. It is quicker because it doesnt read the in and out points from Pro Tools, but relies on the last point clicked message which is continually sent to ADRStudio via the HUI Personality. Hence this Spotting method will ONLY work when the HUI personality OMS link is in place. For more info on how to set this up, read the chapter 'ADRStudio Operation'

A.2. Make Sure ADRstudio is running. The spot information has nowhere to go unless ADRStudio is running to receive it.

Q. ADRStudio records the wrong information when I spot

A. If you are using the 'PTADRSpotFoleyStartPt' macro, make sure the HUI Personality is configured correctly. Also make sure that send MTC is turned on in the Protools Session Setup window and that it is feeding ADRStudio.

Q. I have the preference on to Spot a dummy region into Pro Tools when cueing, but it doesnt work, or Pro Tools gives me an error message about sample rate, drive, or bit depth. Also, sometimes I get a DAE error when playing the session with dummy regions.

A. This option requires that you have a blank soundfile called precisely 'Blank SoundFile' in the same folder as the ADRStudio application. it must be the same sample rate and bit depth as the session you have open, plus it must be at least as long as the longest cue you plan to spot. Finally, for PTIII systems ADRStudio and the soundfile must reside on a Digidesign SCSI bus drive.


Q. I keep seeing the Memory Locations window appear after the take is named.

A.In Pro Tools 4.2 and later , there is a new preference called 'Display Auto-created regions in Region List'. This MUST be enabled if you are using Record Handles in ADRStudio otherwise it cant rename and trim the takes properly. Select Prefs in PT and turn it on.

Q. I Press 'Roll' in ADRStudio and it records the wrong bit

A.1. Make sure you have the required line selected in the ADRStudio script. Also make sure that your pre-roll time is longer than the total time for the beeps you have selected. Also make sure that the Pro Tools SMPTE start time is before the Pre-roll start, and that the Pro Tools 'Edit Window Default length' value extends the edit window beyond the post Roll of the take.

A.2. Make sure you have 'Timecode' selected as the timebase units in the ProTools edit window.

Q. I Press 'Roll' in ADRStudio, but the beeps never play, and it doesnt rename the take.

A.You probably dont have 'Send MTC' turned ON in the PT Session Setup window. This should be sending MTC to the ADRStufio 'OMS In' port, selected in ADRStudios OMS Settings dialog. Without MTC, ADRStudio cant tell when PT is playing, when to fire the beeps, or when the take is over ready to rename.

Q. ADRstudio says 'Pro Tools not ready' when I roll the take.

A.Pro Tools is probably showing the 'Pro Tools is unable to communicate with the HUI' dialog. Go into Pro Tools and OK it, plus make sure the HUI Personality connection is setup in PT and in ADRStudio.

Q. ADRstudio says 'Take Aborted' after the take.

A.ADRStudio thinks you deliberately aborted the take by stopping Pro Tools part way through. In a n open ended recording, this is exactly what you are supposed to do, and in this case ADRStudio wont show the Dialog. In a loop record session, the last take is always aborted, with the ESC key or CMD-Period, and ADRStudio will correctly report an aborted take.

Q. Problems during re-recording.

A.1. There are several things that can go wrong during the Macro sequence ADRStudio uses to roll a take. In general, you should leave the mouse and keyboard alone whilst the take rolls, otherwise you might interfere with ADRStudio,which is controlling the take.

A.2. You must have certain parts of Pro Tools' windows revealed, and not covered with floating windows. In particular the bottom right corner of the Edit Window is sometimes covered by the transport floater which can cause problems - move the transport floater somewhere else, and close all other floating windows.

A.3. Make sure that 'Run Midi in Background' is turned ON in the OMS Midi Setup dialog accessible from ProTools or the OMS Setup Application.

A.4. Make sure that in the Pro Tools 'Display' Menu, you have selected 'Edit Window shows NONE'.

Q. During Take naming, I keep seeing the 'name region' dialog box open and close several times.

A.When naming a take, ADRStudio names both the region, AND the disk file. If the disk file name already exists, PT shows an error. ADRStudio watches for this, and if it sees the error, it will keep trying new names until the error stops. Once it has counted past the last take number on disk, it should proceed smoothly. Be aware of what old files are in the Audio Files folder for your current session, and delete them if they are unused and conflicting with ADRStudio names.

Q. When I roll, ADRStudio says 'Pro Tools not ready'

A. This usually means that either you dont have a session open, or you have floating windows in ProTools covering important parts of the edit window which ADRStudio is trying to use.
Keep floating windows away from certain parts of the edit window:
- Bottom right corner where the region bin pop-out control is
- Top of region bin where the pop-up menu springs from
- Top left of edit space (to the right of the top track height adjust zone).

Q. When I roll, My Quicktime picture stops briefly as Pro Tools goes in or out of record.

A. This usually means that you have your RAM Cache set too high in the Memory Control Panel. reduce it to around 512k then restart. Another solution may be to change your monitor bit depth from Millions to Thousands.

If in doubt, please reinstall ADRStudio from scratch using the Installer.

Before doing so, it is a very good idea to remove some parts of KeyQuencer which may not be 'over installed' successfully :

- Delete the folder 'KeyQuencer Extensions' from inside the system folder
- Delete the folder 'KeyQuencer Preferences' from inside the Preferences folder in the System folder. Dont forget to back up any extra Macros you have made yourself before doing this, as they will be deleted.

Now reinstall and reboot.