This proposal allows a recorder to embed a set of parameters into an iXML metadata block which allows it to communicate a default mix layout to another iXML device which will play back or monitor the recording. It is intended to allow the recording device to pre-position each track in the spatial arena and also set a default level.


Note that this can be interpreted any way a playback application wants. It can generate a mono mix by ignoring the pan, or it can pan it within a theatre space any way it likes preserving the angular placing. If the angle is outside that replayable, the playback application can make its own decision about sensible placing of the sound.

Any comments, suggestions, or questions about extending iXML should be addressed to metadata@gallery.co.uk

iXML Custom Registry

The data which follows does NOT currently form part of the official iXML Specification. If this proposal is adopted by more than one iXML vendor with compatibility with the other users of this data, it may be absorbed into part of the official iXML specification at a later date.

Keyword Data Format Description
<DEFAULT_MIX> Block Located within each <TRACK> structure in the iXML metadata
<LEVEL> nn.n Gain in dB. The default / recommended level for playback of this track, eg "-3.5" ( gain = minus 3.5dB). Located inside the <DEFAULT_MIX> tree. Other values acceptable include "OFF" to mute the track.
<PAN> nn.nY The default / recommended Pan for playback of this track, eg "23.5R" (23.5 degrees to the right of centre)
Pan angle in degrees L or R of centre. So assuming a normal 60 degree stereo speaker layout, 30L is fully left, 30R is fully right. The pan is constant power, i.e. the sound is located on a circle centred on the listener.
Located inside the <DEFAULT_MIX> tree.

Used by : JoeCo Blackbox Recorder, and also by Zaxcom

Future extensibility:
This is also upwardly and downwardly extensible, e.g. the mono mix mentioned above, or in future additional keywords can be added that define further spatiality if considered essential, e.g. elevation, diffusion or higher order spherical terms