An XML file with iXML 1.4 syntax is downloadable from: testixml.xml If you click the link in Internet Explorer, it should parse the XML for you. Note: this is not an audio file with the iXML chunk, but raw iXML data for analysis. This does not include the additional SPEED tags from iXML 1.5

Download the iXML Metadata display application (v2.0) for Macintosh. Where possible this example app will be updated in line with the specification, so please download the example again whenever the specification is changed. The version of the iXML reader example relates to the version of the specification it specifically supports. (note that iXML is fully forward and backwards compatible)

Download Example BWF files with iXML Metadata, from various vendors

Gallery Metacorder
These were created with Gallery's iXML compliant recorder.

Full iXML Specification Example File
This is an engineered file which contains all the fields for the entire iXML v 1.5 spec. Use this to check your iXML readers.

[ A very readable overview of iXML was published by LineUp magazine and may be viewed here ]

If you have files created by other iXML devices, please send one example along with any covering documentation to :