Support and FAQs
Compatibility : Strata supports devices running iOS 5.1 and later delivers a unique touch driven surface for controlling ATEM Switchers running firmware version 3.4 or later. Strata has been actively tested across the whole range of Apple iPads and iPhones with iOS 5.1, 6.x & and ATEM 3.4, 3.5, 4.x & 5. ATEM Firmware version 4.2 and newer is NOT compatible with Verison 1.12 and older of Strata. Upgrade to the latest version of Strata for use with ATEM 4.2 Firmware or newer. Most reliable results will be with ATEM 4.0 and later.
Strata does NOT work with older ATEM switchers manufactured by EchoLabs. Support for Atem Production Studio 4K requires at least version 1.1 of Strata.

TROUBLESHOOTING CONNECTION. Connect your ATEM Switcher to a network which has a properly configured WIFI Access point. It’s easiest if your WIFI network shares the same IP address range as the wired network, but its not essential,  provided your subnet mask is set correctly. For example, your wired and wireless devices are all on a class C range like  You just need to make sure that your iOS device and your ATEM can talk to each other using UDP.   If you dont know the IP Address of your ATEM Switcher, use the BMD ATEM Setup Utility with your ATEM Switcher connected via USB to identify it. Download the PING app on your iOS device and check you can ping the ATEM before trying with Strata.

NB, If a PING test is not working, Strata will NOT work, so please ensure that you have a solid ping result by troubleshooting your network with your router vendor, *before* looking for any problem with Strata.

Almost all tech enquiries we get turn out to be problems with Wifi routers. We are not able to help with these sorts of problem. Contact the vendor of your router and wireless access point for more information about this.

There is an analysis of Wifi issues on this page

Tips - Some users have reported an unreliable Wifi signal when they position their WiFi router close to an ATEM switcher.  Make sure your WiFi router / access point is several meters away from your ATEM Switcher. Some users have reported that certain routers will not work properly, especially when using Atem 4k. Routers to AVOID include : LinkSys (particularly E3000, E6400) and Asus RTAC66U. Routers which are reported to work best appear to be Apple Airports. In our tests a connection which frequently disconnected on a Draytek Router after a few minutes remained connected indefinately on an Apple Airport even though it was further from the iPad. If you are concerned that your router may be the cause of problems, you can try setting up an ad-hoc wireless network using your Apple MacBook. This makes a simple Wifi network using the Apple hardware which works well. This should allow you to eliminate or implicate your Wifi Router is the cause of the problem.

The helpful chaps over at 'The Streaming Guys' in Australia have made a short video on configuring wifi routers which might be useful

ATEM Switchers can only service a limited number of simultaneous connections.  Typically if you try to connect more than 5 control devices, the switcher will reject new connections.  In a rare case if you get locked out because you added too many controllers, you may need to restart the switcher.


MACROS: In Strata Pro you need to HOLD DOWN the Record Macro to begin recording.   Hold it for a second or 2 until it goes red.  Press it again to stop recording.  You can insert 1/4 second pauses between macro steps with the Pause button at the top of the iPad display.

In Strata Pro, you can select from up to 16 Macro memories by Holding the PLAY MACRO button and whilst holding it, press one of the Preview Bus Channel selectors.  This allows access to 6(ATEM TVS), 8(1ME) or 16(2ME) macros to record and play back.  Macros are stored in Strata’s documents folder which you can access via iTunes on your computer.  

You can also access the MIDI Configuration in the documents folder on iTunes.  This will allow you to remap Midi Notes to Strata buttons.  The default configuration is designed to support the Korg NanoPad2. See this movie for details

Please refer to ATEM documentation for an explaination of switcher functionality or general information about video or configuration.
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