Optional AMBIENT Clockit™ Timecode module

Gallery have co-developed a professional hardware timecode and wordclock module with timecode experts AMBIENT, featuring the world-famous Clockit™ technology for Metacorder.

Clockit™ USB features a remarkably stable temperature comensated clock reference system which be further tuned in the field to ensure less than 0.5ppm drift guaranteed between -20 C and +60 C (less than 1 frame in 24 hours). This compares favourably with other generators which need to be resynced several times per day to remain in sync with one another.

Multiple Clockit USB and regular Clockit modules can be digitally 'tuned' against one another with a resolution of 0.2ppm to ensure that they each run at exactly the same rate. Tuning is done automatically and simply requires a connection between the devices. It is this combination of high quality temperature compensated electronics, and digital tuning between units which positions Clockit as the most dependable, accurate timecode reference available.

Clockit™ USB is a very simple device, an incredibly small black box connects to the Mac via USB (which provides power to run the Clockit USB, and charge its battery). This USB connection feeds timecode read or generated by Clockit USB into Metacorder, and allows programming of the generator. Clockit USB also generates LTC and Wordclock for external devices, allowing the audio hardware used by Metacorder to sync to the common stable reference as the generated timecode.

Clockit™ USB has a built in rechargeable battery which will continue to run the generator flawlessly for up to 24 hours, whilst disconnected from the USB.

For professional field recording applications with Metacorder, the Clockit USB module is a worthy addition to your system.

Release date to be announced. We will notify you in the 'NEWS' section of the site, when this product is available.