Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What computers does MetaCorder run on ?
A. MetaCorder runs on any Mac with OSX 10.3.5 or later, including Powerbook, iBook, iMac and Powermac systems. It may also run with older OSX versions but no testing has been done with pre 10.3.5 systems.

Q. This is a software product, right ? How do I get multichannel sound into the computer ?
A. MetaCorder supports all CoreAudio devices. There are dozens to choose from. See this list for more information on makers of CoreAudio interfaces.

Q. How do I get timecode into the system ?
A. LTC is fed into MetaCorder via an Audio input. This can be a spare audio input on your main Audio interface, or you can use the built in Mac Sound input, or a Griffin iMic for LTC input.

Q. When will MetaCorder be available ?
A. Metacorder is shipping now. Contact Gallery to purchase, or your local Pro audio supplier.

Q. How does MetaCorder compare with Proprietary field recorders ?
A. MetaCorder was designed to meet and exceed the functionality and performance of all existing proprietary field recorders. The main focus is to offer a powerful and flexible system with an intuitive user interface, allowing very easy configuration and metadata entry during record, combined with great media management like dual drive recording, background mirroring and DVD burning. Also, users are free to select the audio inputs which suit their requirements, from low cost, to audiophile. We do not really recommend you take a MetaCorder system around your neck into the jungle, or up Everest, but in a cart-based shoot, MetaCorder offers a very easy to use, powerful and cost-effective solution to your sound recording needs, and offers all the functionality you could want without poking through complicated submenus on a tiny LCD.

Q. What is iXML ?
A. iXML is a new STANDARD protocol for communicating metadata acquired on set through telecine, picture editorial and through to audio post. Standardisation of this information leads to smoother post production and expansion of the metadata available allows for development of new techniques to improve productivity. All the major vendors of field recorders and post production equipment have committed to support iXML, and as time goes by iXML will become a very important part of the workflow. For full details of iXML, see the official specification at

Q. Is there a PC version of MetaCorder ?
A. MetaCorder is Mac OSX Only. There are no plans for a PC version.

Q. Where can I buy MetaCorder ?
A. MetaCorder is available from Gallery Resellers all over the world and from
Gallery's On-line store. We also have specialist Metacorder Dealers, who are best suited to configuring a complete solution for you. These dealers understand location sound and can advise you on specialist topics such as D.C power.