mTOOLS Documentation On Line
Wouldn’t it be great if you could have your entire Sound Effects, or music library instantly accessible at the click of a mouse ? Imagine searching a database for exactly the sounds you want, then instantly auditioning audio. Imagine having that sound automatically transfer into your Pro Tools® session, in the right format, and at the right sample rate & bit depth. Imagine accessing your entire library instantly, no matter where you are in the building, or from anywhere in the world.Welcome to your dream come true ...The Gallery Mtools™ SFX Environment.Gallery Mtools™ does all this, and more, with unprecedented user control, customisation, power and flexibility.
Whether you are a one-person start-up with only a single machine and no fileserver, or a large multi-site networked facility, Gallery Mtools™ has the perfect solution. AppleShare IP, Personal Appleshare, OS X Server, NT, Netware, or no server at all... Ethernet, fibre channel, wireless...SDII, AIFF, WAV, MPEG, MP3... whatever you want - you decide, not us.

Add more workstations, more storage, more sounds, faster networking, whenever you are ready, without having to change your Gallery Mtools™ setup, and without being dependant on a single technology supplier. Want remote access to your library across the Internet ? - no problem.

Since Gallery Mtools™ leverages Apple’s built in technology and networking, almost anything is possible. Proprietary architectures often restrict user choice, so Gallery Mtools™ adopts standard protocols wherever possible to give you complete control, and to benefit seamlessly from new technologies and operating system updates.

Yet, with all this choice, Gallery Mtools™ still performs better, right out of the box, than any other Sound Effects system money can buy, and gives you the choice to start small (the basic Gallery Mtools™ system costs just US$995), and expand the system at your own pace.

Most users start with a room full of audio CDs, and the objective is to take the CDs out, and put a server in. Gallery Mtools™ makes this incredibly simple because it includes data on virtually every commercial sound effects CD you own. With just one mouse-click, Gallery Mtools™ converts audio cds into on-line, edited file archives,complete with full text descriptions, ready to use in Pro Tools® and other audio workstations.

One more click of the mouse and Gallery Mtools™ builds you a Filemaker-based MTools database of all your Sound Effects, including your own private library. By using a proven commercial database architecture, Gallery Mtools™ benefits from unmatched power, speed and user flexibility. Filemaker allows any user to simply reconfigure the database without programming expertise.

What if you want some extra fields in your database ? or you want to rearrange the layout to your own taste - its all really easy. However, it doesn’t stop there - Filemaker also supports sophisticated scripting, so you also are free to expand your database in any direction you like to add asset management, additional automation or relational database functionality.