TimeTools is a unique innovation from Gallery which delivers low cost multi-cam video production workflows.

The software is designed to allow users to integrate multiple semi-pro camcorders and DSLRs with no timecode facilities, into a fully synchronised multicam workflow for QuickTime based NLEs such as Final Cut Pro and Premiere - it does this by allowing users to record audio LTC onto an audio channel of the camcorder, which TimeTools then decodes into a QuickTime timestamp, read by the NLE.

Following the 'TimeTools process', all the QuickTime movies will have coherent timestamps to match shots. In addition, the captured video material will have timestamps matching audio you might have recorded, with a timecoded multichannel audio recorder such as Metacorder.

TimeTools has revolutionised techniques for reality TV production using camcorders like Panasonic AG-DX100A, and Canon XL1, and offers the same flexibility in the future for low cost HD camcorders and DSLRs used for Hi Definition reality TV shows.

Click here to read about a reality tv case study, which implimented the Gallery TimeTools workflow.