• Extremely responsive transport
  • High Quality Picture
  • Various control options,Jog/Shuttle, Keyboard, 9pin
  • Fully Integrates with Gallery's ADRStudio Software running on the same machine
  • Can even be used on a Laptop system
  • VirtualVTR Pro also offers video streamer,
    punches, beeps/GPI and audio recording control.
The transport on VirtualVTR is extremely responsive, and supports a variety of physical controllers. The combination of this, and the QuickTime compatibility and high quality picture, offers an excellent base for ADR & Foley Spotting. Navigation around the movie is more responsive than any almost other video playback system on the market, with various jog / shuttle / frame bump / forwards, reverse play controls.Using a physical controller such as the Contour Shuttle Pro, users can freely map transport and spotting functions to the various keys, to navigate, scrub, mark in and out and finally trigger the spot. These functions communicate with Gallery's ADRStudio software which offers sophisticated logging and markup of ADR and Foley.

VirtualVTR also makes the perfect playback machine for your ADR recording rig, syncing to Avid Pro Tools with ADRStudio, or other audio workstations.

The combination of VirtualVTR, ADRStudio, and some 3rd party add-ons makes the perfect portable ADR or Foley Spotting system. Using a Powerbook, or iBook, with VirtualVTR, ADRStudio, Contour Design's Shuttle Pro Controller, and a Firewire Video box like Formac's Studio, you can create a world class system with extremely responsive video control, and the industry standard logging system in ADRStudio. From this you can print ADR sheets, and create text lists, or ADRStudio scripts for re-recording.

See Gallery's ADRStudio info for more details - http://www.gallery.co.uk

The ABOVE PICTURE shows how to digitise the picture to a laptop. Once the picture is in, you can choose to leave the video hardware behind, and use the picture on the Mac screen for spotting.