• Midi or 9-pin controlled Synchronised Quicktime video playback using a dedicated Macintosh CPU.
  • Choice of video, audio and networking hardware to suit your application.
  • Smooth, tight scrub on video output, with no DAW CPU load.
  • Sophisticated QuickTime video capture capabilities with frame accurate timestamping of recorded picture.
  • Best video format compatibility. VirtualVTR Pro can play most video file formats *without conversion*, including all flavours of Quicktime, Avid media, MPEG1, 2 and 4 files, many types of AVI files, SD, HD and more

VirtualVTR has been designed with the Pro Tools user in mind, as the perfect solution to the increasing problem of 'system overload'. Many of the same issues apply to users of other Audio workstations, such as Nuendo and Logic.

With the advent of CPU based plug ins coupled with a trend for host based samplers and synthesizers, the strain on your Mac CPU is probably showing. It's not just the CPU which is struggling, however, it may also show in PCI bus overloads, DAE errors, and additional disk bandwidth. All of these things contribute to a sluggish system where reliability may be jeopordised and performance compromised.

VirtualVTR can solve all these problems, without any compromises.By removing the video load from your Pro tools CPU, and running VirtualVTR on a second, dedicated CPU, you can experience the following benefits:

• Free up a PCI slot in your DAW rig for additional DSP farm or monitor card.
• Reduce PCI traffic (& DAE errors) and remove a bus mastering card.
• Reduce drive load and CPU overhead
• Increase picture quality, since VVTR can monopolise the dedicated CPU.

This results in
• Greater System stability
• Increased Track Count
• Free up CPU power for more plug ins
• Faster screen redraws and general performance
• Better quality video, with wide choice of native playback formats including HD
• Much more reliable audio workstation and video subsystem

VirtualVTR is normally configured to chase Pro Tools, so your PT rig is set offline, with no need to lock up to picture. Instead, VirtualVTR chases Pro Tools' MTC (midi time code) output, allowing your audio to start immediately you press play, with no need for pre roll. VirtualVTR typically locks to Pro Tools in less than half a second. When scrubbing, or editing, VirtualVTR receives MMC (midi machine control) from Pro Tools and tracks the cursor when you click, scrub or trim regions

Several different 9-pin or Midi configurations are possible
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Recycle your last generation Mac into a cost effective dedicated non linear VTR. Alternatively use a new G5 machine for ultimate native file format playback flexibility

Mac based networking and disk / file formats for superb integration and picture exchange.

No more manual syncing of picture, or opening a video editing program just to capture picture.

Supports very high quality picture, even uncompressed HD with appropriate hardware, all driven from your Pro Tools or DAW.

Perfect for QuickTime production environments where picture is shot and edited in Final Cut Pro. Plug and play exchange of picture with the video editors.

Acts as timecode master for studio integration with other machines, or timecode slave for instant lockup with Pro Tools as master. (some configurations require additional hardware)

Since VirtualVTR can use MMC and MTC you don’t need to purchase additional machine control software for your Pro Tools system.

Your choice of QuickTime and Mac hardware offers ultimate flexibility. VirtualVTR will offer you incredible performance and smooth operation with Pro Tools® or other DAW.

In the example above, based on a major Hollywood facility, digital picture is digitised once (perhaps at different resolutions), and used throughout the facility. when a new cut of the movie comes in, it must only be digitised once, and sent through the network to all users, eliminating the need to make and distribute copies, and have each user redigitize.
Most other audio workstations which can control a 9-pin VTR should work fine with VirtualVTR using its BVW-75 emulation, bringing Quicktime Compatibility and a cost effective non-linear VTR to those workstations.

VirtualVTR has been optimised to work with a variety of other common devices including:
- Soundmaster ION ATOM Devices
- JSK Engineering Devices
- Timeline Lynx 2
- CB Electronics SR4
- AMS AudioFile
- Fairlight Dream / Satellite and MFX systems

Most other audio workstations which can control a 9-pin VTR should work fine with VirtualVTR using its BVW-75 emulation.

VirtualVTR, is able to playback a wide variety of different movie formats, even at 23.98/24FPS and HD. With appropriate hardware, a single VirtualVTR system can *NATIVELY* play back almost every QuickTime video format currently available, plus MPEG2 and MPEG4, DV, QT-Wrapped Avid Meridien OMF picture at NTSC, PAL and Film speeds, all without the need to transcode the picture. This unique capability sets VirtualVTR aside from all other DVTRs at any price, which generally use proprietary file formats. File format compatibility, superb video performance, flexible integration and easy networking of picture makes VirtualVTR the obvious choice for modern mix stage and Video infrastructure.
VirtualVTR has become very popular as a digital picture solution for AMS AudioFile, and is actively supported by AMS. It offers easy plug and play setup, with excellent jog/shuttle performance.

VirtualVTR Supports a variety of remote control devices, to allow responsive control of picture.
Besides 9-pin and MMC based devices, VirtualVTR directly supports several external controllers:

Under OS9
- JLCooper MCS3 USB
- Contour Shuttle Pro USB

Under OSX
- JLCooper MCS3 USB
- Contour Shuttle Pro, Shuttle Pro 2, Shuttle Express USB
- Midi Devices using the JLCooper Sysex Midi Protocol