• Uncompressed recording and playback option.
  • Quicktime Compatibility with After Effects, Final Cut, Avid et
  • 9-Pin controlled playback into MPEG Encoder, Video Server etc
  • Record/Play from local or Networked / Fibre Channel volumes
  • Support for HD, SD, 1080p/i, 720, 24 FPS formats and more.
  • Perfect as uncompressed mastering machine instead of Digi beta.
  • Direct Digitisation from VirtualVTR avoiding need for tape.
Videographics and DVD Production require the highest possible video quality, without compression, to avoid artifacts which can result from repeated data compression. VirtualVTR offers an excellent choice to users in these demanding environments. Using one of several uncompressed QuickTime video cards available for VirtualVTR, and its built in 9-pin serial emulation, VirtualVTR can be treated as an uncompressed VTR, like a Digi beta, or an Abekas non-linear recorder.

Besides being a cost effective high quality system, VirtualVTR benefits from QuickTime compatibility and easy networking. This is beneficial for users developing content in desktop VideoGraphics software like Adobe After Effects and Apple Final Cut Pro, since completed material can be transferred over a network directly to VirtualVTR for immediate playout, with no compression. Also, VirtualVTR can be used in DVD production as the perfect source machine to playout the same material into hardware MPEG encoders, utilising the 9-pin control which integrates with DVD authoring systems.

Users of High End compositing and effects systems like Discreet's Smoke and Inferno, can record the SDI output of these devices directly into VirtualVTR, in QuickTime format which can be distributed and networked to other QuickTime compatible systems, or for playout into on Air systems, or fed to DVD production / Videographics systems.

Wired MediaPress directly controls VirtualVTR for direct digitising of QuickTime media into the MediaPress MPEG2 encoder card. A Similar setup performs the same function with Sonic Solutions, although due to Sonic's 2-pass encoding, the VirtualVTR P2Plus option may be required on some systems. (see diagram below)