Whatever your requirements, VirtualVTR offers flexibility, speed and the highest possible image quality, with a huge choice of Quicktime Video hardware and industry standard
compatibility with leading video editing systems like Apple's Final Cut Pro,
Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro
This exciting and unique software innovation turns a Macintosh Computer into a Quicktime-based, professional non-linear VTR.
VirtualVTR can be extermally controlled via Midi, Sony 9-Pin protocols or TCP/IP*, and can also synchronise playback, chasing timecode, even in multi-channel configurations. VirtualVTR also makes an excellent multi-cam recording system, delivering native QuickTime with timestamps.
VirtualVTR offers excellent performance, superb integration with a variety of systems, and is compatible with all QuickTime video hardware. Using appropriate video hardware, VirtualVTR Pro can play most video file formats *without conversion*, including all flavours of Quicktime, Avid media, MPEG1, 2 and 4 files, many types of AVI files, and more.
  • VirtualVTR's internal synchroniser allows it to chase incoming timecode - either LTC or MTC. Typical lock time is under half a second. VVTR will constantly monitor incoming code and ensure VVTR stays locked at all time. Some quicktime cards also support a video reference genlock input for extra tight sync
  • Under 9-pin control, VVTR can be slewed into sync in the normal way, then left playing, locked to Video reference (when using a card with genlock input). In this mode VVTR closely resembles a traditional linear VTR. VVTR has been tested with Soundmaster, CBElectronics, JSK, Lynx II, Sony BVE900 and other machine synchronisers. It can also be configured in other modes which provide incredible flexibility when designing new infrastructure. Contact your Gallery Dealer for a free infrastructure consultation.
  • VirtualVTR Pro can also act as a timecode master, using an external timecode generator, or by generating MTC as a master.
  • Open any QuickTime Movie and playback in sync or under external control. For non-standard codecs and high performance, a Quicktime video card is required. See list of common quicktime hardware.
  • Control video playback using Midi (Midi TimeCode for sync, Midi Machine control for jog/shuttle/locate), 9-pin, USB Jog Shuttle Wheel, or Keyboard Controls, individually or all simultaneously. VirtualVTR Pro also support TCP/IP Control.
  • High performance video playback, supporting all formats including PAL, NTSC, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 24 FPS, uncompressed etc. Also supports all QuickTime codecs, including DV, Motion JPEG, MPEG, ProRes, even web formats like H.264.
  • Instant Locate to any part of the video, with 9-pin, MMC, mouse or manually entering timecode value.
  • Ultra smooth jog / frame bump / scrub with external control or USB controller
  • VirtualVTR performs crash type recordings directly into QuickTime movies on hard disc.
  • Recording can be started using keyboard/mouse, USB shuttle controller, MMC or 9-pin
  • VirtualVTR reads timecode during recording, to ensure instant and accurate QuickTime timestamps, compatible with VVTR (for synced playback), Apple's FinalCut Pro and other QuickTime software.
  • With appropriate Quicktime Hardware, VVTR can record from composite, s-video, component, Firewire (DV) or SDI video sources, with balanced, unbalanced, SP/DIF or AES/EBU audio connections, at 24, 25 and 29.97 FPS.
  • Recordings can be auto-named using a base name and incrementing index, and appear in VVTR's filmstrip browser window (see below).
VirtualVTR offers a powerful clippings bin
- click to instantly locate to that frame.