VirtualVTR is widely used for creating impressive multiscreen video art and media playback.
The System is used by touring bands, by corporations for trade events and presentations, for public advertising installations, artwork installations, general advertising presentations, and theatrical performance.
  • Instant Playback of QuickTime Material
  • Multi Machine Synchronisation, HD and 4K using LTC or MTC
  • Easy integration with other timecode sync'ed show control gear
  • Wide choice of Video Output hardware
  • Fast Multi machine frame accurate lock
  • Very High Quality including ProRes HQ and 444
Multiple sources of QuickTime material can be played back in sync, without transferring to another medium. System configuration is extremely flexible, supporting almost any setup you may ever need, sync to external TC, generate timecode, manual control with Shuttle wheel, even run VVTR machines off a multi-machine 9-pin synchroniser. Each machine can also play back up to 16 channels of sound in sync.
VirtualVTR offers an extremely responsive solution for playback of video material on demand. Offering several physical USB controllers, VirtualVTR offers fantastic functionality and excellent compatibility, playing back any type of QuickTime movie, DV Stream, MXF or MPEG file (some codec formats require hardware support), with superb user control. TCP and HTTP control options are also available
Impressive Promotional Events
Volkswagen utilised a large 14 system VirtualVTR installation, to play synchronised footage at the Frankfurt Motor show. The 14 VTR channels created one massive master-montage video wall, measuring 100 feet across. All systems were frame accurately synchronised, as they formed a part of a large master image.This Virtual VTR "uber-montage" performed flawlessly.

Secret Cinema utilised 3 Synchronised VirtualVTR Pro Systems, to play LucasFilm's The Empire Strikes Back across 3 projection screens, each with a different synchronisation timing offset to compensate for audio delays in the auditorium.

Victoria and Albert Museum The world's greatest museum of Art and Design used VirtualVTR systems for Breathless Beauty, Broken Beauty, a unique 12K Video sculpture comprising 3 x 4K VirtualVTR systems playing back a 12K Tripych within a sculptural environment
Notable Music Events
A large number of internationally renowned music Artists and bands utilise the VirtualVTR system for playback of video footage at live performances, synchronised with lighting and other show control.

Notable Public Performance
Roger Waters "The Wall" Tour
used 20 synchronised VirtualVTR channels for an impressive stage art installation which forms the visual focus of the event.

At Radio City Music Hall, New York VirtualVTR was the system used to playback ultra high definition video footage, on one of the world's largest LED display walls, stretching 40’ x 70’, and including 2.5 million LEDs.