• Frame Accurate Capture of Picture 4:4:4 uncompressed RGB HD
  • Automatic timestamping of Captured Files from LTC Feed or RP188
  • Reliable GPI control from telecine controller
  • Recording to local or Networked / Fibre Channel volumes
  • Automatic file naming
  • Automatic embedding of Quicktime metadata for later identification

VirtualVTR Pro forms an excellent Telecine recorder for one-light transfers. It supports all the highest quality video capture cards, and all frame rates. VirtualVTR Pro connects to telecine controllers using a simple GPI switch closure interface, fed an LTC feed by the telecine system which provides an accurate timestamp within the recorded movie, to ensure straightforward crash-record control of the software. Alternatively connect via Gallery's P2Plus hardware interface for pseudo-insert recording .

In a color-grading setup, VirtualVTR Pro provides an excellent uncompressed Dual Link HD recorder/player which is compatible with devices such as Pandora Pogle, allowing multiple uncompressed passes through the grader. It has been tested as a RS422 controlled player with DaVinci and Pogle system.

Because VirtualVTR Pro is not an insert edit machine, it cannot be used in an insert-edit recording setup. Each recording is a discreet timestamped QuickTime movie, so the concept of inserting is not valid. However, if your telecine controller can only perform insert records (to start a timecode - fed crash record in VirtualVTR Pro), you can use our P2Plus 9-pin interface which presents a 'pseudo-insert capable' RS422 interface to your telecine controller, and converts this to Crash record and LTC to VirtualVTR Pro.

Due to the complex nature of telecine workflow,
please contact Gallery to discuss how best
to integrate VirtualVTR into your suite.