With its strong networking, and QuickTime compatibility, VirtualVTR breaks new ground for rapid turnaround shows. Support for a variety of hardware allows a scalable solution, from offline capture using inexpensive DV codecs, through to Uncompressed HD for instant on-line editing. VirtualVTR machines can be easily ganged for multicamera environments, and automatic file naming and embedding of identification metadata makes life even easier for video editors. Timestamped QuickTime movies recorded with VirtualVTR spot right into place in Final Cut Pro and other desktop video editing systems, and can also be simply imported into Avid edit systems - no capture from video tape required.

Besides the benefits of timestamped recording, VirtualVTR offers much more to the TV production industry. As a 9-pin controllable playback system, you can just as easily playback your recorded files under 9-pin control, or by chasing timecode for multi machine synchronised playback.

Similarly, VirtualVTR can help bridge the technology divide between heavy duty broadcast infrastructure such as on-air video servers, and desktop production tools. By presenting Quicktime movies created in your video graphics department as a 9-pin controllable video deck, on air loading systems can upload material straight from VirtualVTR, just as if it were a digi-beta. Using this technique saves time, and money, since no transfers to tape are required, and no physical delivery from department to department. The Videographics artist no longer needs to have an expensive digi beta machine, and avoiding the digi-beta transfer stage even improves quality slightly into the bargain.

  • Frame Accurate Capture of Picture with Broadcast Quality
  • Automatic timestamping of Captured Files from LTC Feed
  • Multi machine Gang Recording for multiple sources
  • Recording to local or Networked / Fibre Channel volumes
  • Automatic file naming
  • Automatic embedding of Quicktime metadata for later identification
  • QuickTime playback machine for linear edit suites

VirtualVTR brings a new era of workflow possibilities to television. With its networkable, broadcast quality picture, intelligent file management, and desktop editing movie compatibility, VirtualVTR can bridge the physical gap between studio and edit suite, eliminating the need for picture to be transferred on and off tape, whilst also bridging the technological gap between powerful and cost effective desktop production tools, and mainstream TV infrastructure.

By shooting straight to VirtualVTR into QuickTime files, you can deliver your program material immediately shooting ends, with no need to make tape copies, or redigitise the material into your non-linear video editor. You can even record, or deliver the picture over a network - picture editors can even begin editing the first segments of your show before shooting ends.

Gallery offers a complete Multicam Production System using SIENNA.
Please see the PictureReady and SIENNA areas of this site for more information
VirtualVTR also makes an excellent non-linear playback machine for Quicktime content in linear edit suites, such as linear HD suites. This provides great integration with desktop produced content. Note that although VirtualVTR can perform crash records, it is not designed as an insert-edit recorder, so the main application here is playback or mastering.
In conjunction with Gallery's PictureReady real-time recorder, VirtualVTR can be used for instant sports action replay, using a variety of physical controllers. See the PictureReady website for more details on this.