Gallery’s unique VoicePro technology was previously available only as a part of the Precision AudioTools package, on OS 9 only. This release presents VoicePro 3.0 as a stand alone product for OSX and OS9.
VoicePro has become an industry standard part of the multimedia and video games industry since it was first released in 1995. Almost all large scale voice-centric video games, speaking dictionaries and other multimedia titles released since then have been created using VoicePro as the scripted dialog recording system.
Following a script, created using tools like Excel or Filemaker, VoicePro manages the voice recording session, automatically creating files named as per the script, and providing an on-screen prompt to the talent. VoicePro allows instant replay and quality control of recorded takes. Some VoicePro users have recorded as many as 8,000 individual takes per day for large projects such as speaking dictionaries. Scripted auto-recording not only speeds up the process massively, but also virtually eliminates human error, naming files, or recording the wrong dialog into the wrong file.
The OSX version brings VoicePro up to date, supporting Core Audio devices in OSX as well as Sound Input manager devices in OS9.

• Rapid, Automated recording from a prepared script

• On screen-talent prompt of dialog to be recorded,
with Red-Light and prompt beeps

• Automatically creates, records,
names and annotates files from the script

• Recorded files list allows user
to quickly audition and mark-up each take

For projects where large numbers of audio dialog cues must be prepared, VoicePro is an essential tool, offering an industry-standard workflow maximising efficiency and productivity whilst ensuring an easy to use interface for both engineer and talent. The on-screen talent prompt window can be displayed on a second VGA monitor, or (with appropriate hardware), a PAL/NTSC video monitor.

Files recorded with VoicePro include the scripted filename, along with the dialog text from the script attached as a finder comment visible in the Mac Finder. Quality rating can prefix the comment text for simple sorting of good and bad takes from the Finder.

Brian walker - Freelance - Brøderbund
"VoicePro has revolutionised the way we record and edit our dialog. Our recording sessions take a lot less time, and the editing takes half the time that it used to."